About me

A few (really) important facts about me

  • I grew up in front of the ocean and now live in one of the coldest country in the world. Paradox happens. I lived in Senegal, France, Canada, Australia and Laos.
  • I love colourful clothes, scarves and hairbands specially with big flowers on them.
  • I hate French fries but LOVE candy specially Haribo’s gummy bears.
  • My real job, because bills need to be paid, is communication consultant.


It’s a place where you can find inspiration for your outfits.
I will not tell you what you should wear or which trend you should follow to look awesome. I believe in self-confidence. If you feel confident enough, you will look great in your clothes. To me, being fashionable has nothing to do with what you wear. It’s about how beautiful and confident you are. It might sound cheesy but I truly think that if you feel great with who you are, you can rock any outfit you want.

Besides, I see fashion as an art, a way for designers to express their point of view. That’s why in the section “Behind the seams” I question them about their work, about the way they turn an idea into a clothing line you might wear some day. That’s what fascinates me about fashion. I hope you’ll enjoy reading my blog.

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